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    There are many reasons why online blackjack should be played for free, and they count not only for beginners, but also for talented and advanced players. On the one hand, it is child's play to learn the rules that are certainly not the easiest; on the other hand, you can above all test your strategy options and use them against the computer. You don't have this possibility in an online casino. So before you jump into the cold water, you can already gain some experience in our blackjack game and then, if it matters, show off your skills and knowledge.


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    Play Blackjack Online

    Playing blackjack for free is also a good way to test different variants. They can have different side bets or rules that the player should master. You can also put the offer of the many different online casinos through their paces and decide completely without risk whether the game is for you or not.


    Everyone should play blackjack for free not only to learn rules or strategies or betting systems, but also to test the different blackjack versions of the competing providers. Because depending on your preferences - even as an advanced player - you may be dissatisfied with some providers due to design and usability. An easy test of the software without registration is suitable.


    In our GreatCasino - just click on "Try it free" above - you can play online blackjack for free without registration.

    Play Live Blackjack

    Another nice way to play blackjack is in live casinos. The HD live broadcast of real blackjack tables can capture a great atmosphere that is not otherwise known from the online casino. Unfortunately, because of the very complex design of such a service, it is usually not possible to offer Live Blackjack in a free version.


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    But if you prefer to test your skills in the GreatCasino without embarrassing yourself, you can still practice against the computer in the free blackjack simulator. That's exactly what he's there for.


    Blackjack rules briefly explained

    Blackjack (a variant of 17 and 4) is one of the most profitable and popular card games in the casino. Whether in the real casino or in the online casino, blackjack can be played everywhere in full tension and elegance and there are different blackjack variants. Many like blackjack because it is strategically playable and does not depend solely on luck. It is not just a coin toss, but can be influenced by your own skill. That means: if you learn and practice the rules correctly, you can get better.

  • The player always plays against the dealer in blackjack (several players can compete against the dealer at the same time) and receives two cards. If necessary, additional cards can be requested. The goal of the game is to reach the number 21. So the player can request as many more cards as he wants. If he doesn't want anymore, it is the dealer's turn.


    The dealer has to draw until he has at least reached 16 - but from 17 onwards he must not take any more. The winner of the game is the one with his hand closer to or hit 21. If you exceed 21 when drawing cards, you lose directly!


    Whoever hits a 21 with the first two cards has a so-called blackjack. This is the best way to win at blackjack. Or you simply adhere to the basic blackjack strategy, which you can also find in our table. To practice this, you can take your first steps in the free blackjack game and at best learn the moves by heart. At some point, you are so fit that you no longer have to look at the table to know how to play.


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    The basic blackjack strategy

    A brief explanation of the tables: in these you will find a graphical list of how to play when a certain combination of cards is in front of you or in front of the dealer.


    An example: if you yourself have a score of 10 and the dealer has 9, then you should draw - so take another card. If you have a 12 and the dealer has a 6, you should stand - so don't take another card.


    We differentiate between two rule variants: dealer moves at soft 17 and dealer stands at soft 17. For both variants, you should play the strategy of the following table as a player in blackjack (regardless of how many decks are used). How to read the tables is explained in detail below.


    This strategy has been calculated by computers as the best basic blackjack strategy. Of course, there are other, much more complex strategies that hardly a player could ever remember. Therefore they are hardly used in reality.


    Otherwise, a game would take forever to make a decision. Instead, this strategy should only be used to squeeze the house edge so that you can enjoy the game and have real chances of winning. And they can be very, very lucrative in blackjack.

    • if you are 17 or more, do not take another card.
    • Take a card with 12-16 if the dealer has 7 or more.
    • always take a card with 11 or less.
    • double with 11.
    • Double up to 10 if the dealer has 9 or less.

    As already mentioned, blackjack is so popular with regular casino players precisely because it can really practice and improve itself. Blackjack is not just about luck! And in the free blackjack game you can test these skills very well.


    You can see whether the strategy is being used correctly, whether you are disciplined in the game and whether you are doing every turn correctly. And that without any risk and without using your own money. This is very important training for every subsequent visit to the online casino.


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    Blackjack: a game for life

    Blackjack is not only popular because it is an exciting game. Blackjack is very popular in real casinos as well as in online casinos because it promises the best and highest chances of winning. However, the prerequisite for this is that you really master the basic strategies.


    Of course, there are also some myths, inspired by many Hollywood films about casinos and especially blackjack. Card counting or shared, charted playing in blackjack is reserved only for the smartest mathematicians, and even if you are one of them, it is unfortunately illegal. In addition, you cannot really make money on the Internet in this way.


    You have to be good and play proven strategies to keep the house edge as low as possible, unlock the online casino bonus and then make money. But how do you get there without losing a lot of money? Exactly: in the free blackjack game you have the opportunity to try out your talents without any risk.

    Play blackjack anywhere for free

    Nowadays, many online casinos also offer the possibility to test the casino games for free via mobile devices. This is especially good for players who want to test their skills in between, from anywhere. With HTML5 the casino games can be played on Android and iOS operating systems, so really on every tablet and smartphone!


    Sometimes you can get started directly in the browser, sometimes you have to download an app. Either way, it has great advantages if you can occasionally practice blackjack for free and thus easily improve your performance. If you want to play for real money later, there are numerous options.